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Residential Construction

Crownover Company takes pride in building you the home of your dreams. Not only do we take pride in building a luxurious home, but we also take pride in building the best possible relationship with our clients to ensure that the process of building your dream home goes as smooth as possible. When it comes to building a good quality home, we understand that it is important to choose a builder that is honest and hard working to ensure that all aspects of your home are the best possible quality and exceed your expectations. READ MORE >>

Commercial & Industrial

We’re well-versed and experienced in conventional (and some unconventional) masonry construction as well as steel structures. Crownover carefully evaluates your project requirements, budget, and will develop a plan tailored to reflect your personal style and functional needs. Commercial work often involves rigorous Municipal approval processes and demanding schedules for completion. Crownover has you covered in every aspect of the project. READ MORE >>


Custom Creations by CC, Inc.

All things interior, built to suit and made to last. Custom Creations will work with you to design, build, and install timeless and beautiful cabinetry for any area of your home or business. We also custom build & install crown molding, bar/counter tops, baseboards, railing, exposed beams, and more. From staircases and  mantels to hardwood floors, interior doors, and carpentry services, we can give any area in your space the exact feel you are looking for. READ MORE >>

Renovation & Remodeling

Renovations are for both personal and business properties. It restores the condition of a room or structure when common repairs or fixes are no longer adequate. Buildings are often renovated when their current structure is outdated and requires a major overhaul of the existing structure. Though the physical structure is restored or improved, the general function and purpose of the structure is maintained. From freshening-up an outdated exterior, repairing walls to replacing old windows, Crownover Company can help you make it new again. We can update your home, retail space, or office space. READ MORE >>