– “restore to a good state of repair.”

Renovations are for both personal and business properties. It restores the condition of a room or structure when common repairs or fixes are no longer adequate. Buildings are often renovated when their current structure is outdated and requires a major overhaul of the existing structure. Though the physical structure is restored or improved, the general function and purpose of the structure is maintained. From freshening-up an outdated exterior, repairing walls to replacing old windows, Crownover Company can help you make it new again. We can update your home, retail space, or office space.

Remodel – “change the structure or form.”

Remodels in homes change the functionality; for instance, if an extra bedroom is needed, a remodel may mean changing an office into a bedroom. It can also mean combining your kitchen and living room into a larger family area that’s more inviting. A commercial property remodel often takes place when a new type of business requires a change in the functionality. Ready to make a change? Let Crownover Company give your area a whole new look.